A brand is more than just the logo.

Mybrand is a brand development agency providing a range of services from logo and brand identity developments, advertising, web, multimedia and brand applications. Our client base is as diverse as our ability to redefine the visual status quo. The clear difference and distinctive advantage evident in our projects stem from our dedicated and passionate love for brand applications.

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Quentin Cloete has a proven record as a visual brand specialist and has created numerous well-known brands.
The distinctive creative ability of the group's collective resources
is far more effective than an individual effort.

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Successful brand building always takes place in the mind of the customer and the first impression is almost always a visual one. This visual message needs to sell within seconds. A great brand identity will crystallize and project the tangible and intangible elements of the company, product or service. At Mybrand, we believe in creating distinctive corporate brands that emit strong simplicity. We build enduring identities that is distinctively different. Our brand positioning of 'Distinctive Branding" endorses our commitment to create your own unique brand identity.

We rely on a step-by-step methodology to develop the right type of breakthrough metaphor that can anchor a complex brand-communication program. We strive to embed a unique metaphor in every logo and symbol development we undertake. The power of a strong Mybrand-logo becomes symbolic for this greater, over arching philosophy and we are renowned for our effective metaphorical visual identities. We invite you to become partakers in this wonderful, creative journey and together enjoy our passionate development of your distinctively different brand.

One perception must immediately and directly lead to a further perception.
Charles Olson  

People do not buy into a brand's features; they buy into its values. Instilling in the customer's psyche the correct set of brand values and aspirations is fundamental in creating a strong sense of brand belonging and loyalty. This association can last a lifetime if managed correct and effectively. We are astute believers in developing enduring corporate brand identities that reflect this intrinsic, core set of values of our client partners' brands. We are renowned for developing brand identities that are memorable, strong and functional. Our showcase of identities, logos and trademarks reflects the depth of our visual brand-building prowess.


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