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“Branding is a process of establishing distinctive and consistent perceptions, which over time, will ultimately grow to become a memorable brand.”

With an executive track record of over 25 years, Quentin Cloete has a proven ability to develop memorable and distinctively different brands for numerous clients spanning various industries.  He has a keen interest in understanding each client’s business methodology and relishes participating in developments where his brand expertise and input creates a real difference.

Perhaps best known for identity developments for Blackstone Tek (BST), the Blue Bulls Rugby Union, King Price Insurance, and packaging for Ultimate Sport Nutrition (USN), Quentin has been instrumental in assisting start-up enterprises and corporate entities to successfully launch their unique product offerings. The clear difference in his work, stems from his passionate love for strong logos and symbols.



Why Mybrand?

Your Brand Specialist

We’re branding experts with a focussed approach to develop unique and tailored identity solutions. Our bold and distinctive brands deliver a consistent experience every time customers engage with it.

A Simplistic Approach

Our success is built on pure design principles of ‘less is more’, ‘form follows function’ and ‘identity simplified’. We believe in a holistic approach, always striving to create simplistic solutions for immediate brand recall.

Distinctively The Best

We develop distinctive visual allegories that act as catalysts for building enduring perceptions – strong brands that not only look great, but which also travel well to create real, measurable change for our clients.